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What Technology will Define the 21st Century?

Technology can have unintended consequences. The automobile was designed to get people from here to there. What perhaps wasn’t foreseen at first was the changes it would have on society. The car enabled people to flee the cities and move to the suburbs. The structure of how we all live and work was completely transformed.

The car certainly defined the 20th Century. What will define the 21st Century? Hand held devices like the iPod or iPad are off to the early lead. If you are sitting at home your iPad probably isn’t far from your reach. Outside, people no longer really look where they are going because they are checking their email on the iPhone. We have even had to pass laws to get people to stop talking on the phone while driving.

There have been a lot of direct consequences of the iPad and devices like it. It has already transformed our leisure life. It has taken all of the media and games we consume and brought them to us in a new way. One of the things that made it so effective was how adaptable it was and how much you could personalize it. [Read more…]

David Brooks Tells a Sad Story that Just Isn’t True

David Brooks tries to make some pretty interesting revisionist history in his column in The New York Times today. Too bad it’s completely untrue. Brooks writes

Al Gore released his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006. The global warming issue became associated with the highly partisan former vice president. Gore mobilized liberals, but, once he became the global warming spokesman, no Republican could stand shoulder to shoulder with him and survive. Any slim chance of building a bipartisan national consensus was gone.

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