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Space Waste and Moon Graffiti

First there was the menace of space debris, human waste in space such as non-operational satellites or old rocket stages. Debris can crash into space vehicles and instruments and damage them. NASA was forced to create the Orbital Debris Program Office to deal with the issue. But now NASA has issued guidelines to protect historic sites on the Moon, such as the Apollo 11 and 17 landing sites.

It was thought that man’s first footprints on the Moon would remain for a million years, but with the advent of space tourism, led by startups such as Virgin Galactic, the number of vehicles and people visiting the Moon is sure to rise, calling into question how long these historic sites will remain undisturbed. [Read more…]

Top Environmental Trends Over the Next Decade

Since global warming really only promises to get worse, here are five critical trends to watch over the next decade. None of these are the sole answer to rising global temperatures, but they all will be pieces of the puzzle as we seek to adapt to a changing world.


  • Small is Beautiful Once Again

    Gas has already hit record highs in some parts of the country. With instability in the Middle East and a global economy that may be ready to heat up, expect to pay dearly at the pump this summer and beyond. Look for cars to get smaller and homes to become more energy efficient as people look to save some green even if they don’t really want to be green. A home from Modern Shed will make you forget your McMansion and allow you to sleep easier knowing your heating bill won’t break the bank.

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