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Solyndra, An Election Year Disaster

Solyndra a symbol for Obama's failed environmental policies


It’s hard to predict right now which we will hear more about this year: Solyndra as a symbol for Obama’s failed environmental policies or Romney’s low personal tax rate as a emblem for all that is wrong with Republican economic policies. Unfortunately, only one of these is really fair. Let’s see which one. [Read more…]

Conquering Eco-Anxiety

by hand_in_there

Eco-anxiety is clearly one of the defining conditions of our age. Every period seems to have something. In the 1950s there was the Cold War and the constant fear of nuclear holocaust. Daniel Smith in his New York Times column It’s Still the ‘Age of Anxiety.’ Or is it? wrote [Read more…]

Mark Spellun on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Mark Spellun discusses the Plenty 20, the automotive bailout, and the future of the electric car with the crew of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. With the US automotive industry facing bankruptcy, the team debates how best to turn things around in Detroit or whether it is worth saving the sector at all. The Plenty 20 – twenty companies that are going to change the world – includes some of the high tech manufacturers that will be making the car of the future.

Sundance Channel Interviews Mark Spellun

Sundance Channel Eco Biz series looks at the development of Plenty and its efforts to create a new form of environmental journalism: less doom and gloom and more focused on positive solutions such as renewable energy and sustainable food.

Mark Spellun on Fox and Friends

The Fox audience gets introduced to the latest in green gear and fair trade products. Products included a solar brief case to charge you laptop and recycled Muji speakers from the MOMA store. The Fox anchors become so enamored with the new electric car on their set they drive off with it, fortunately making it back in time for the next segment.